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"Sophie Berger, aged 74 born in Krakow Poland passed away yesterday in Tel Aviv. Sophie, the sole survivor in her family, came to Israel after surviving the Holocaust"

November 15, 2004


Bringing Your Israeli Relatives Closer Videotaping Oral Histories

 In addition to genealogy research and coaching, "Easy Family Trees" offers clients recorded video interviews with relatives to preserve priceless personal histories. We will meet family members throughout Israel, whose video testimonies and factual knowledge can be preserved and shared with generations to come.

 We are trained to work comfortably and effectively with interviewees, and we are fluent in Hebrew, English, Yiddish and French. 

 We can provide 

        Video presentation of the interviews, subtitled in English where necessary

        Companion written account of the relative's story

 Our services are geared to your needs and interests.  A detailed timetable and cost estimate for carrying out the work will be presented.

 However you choose to record your family members' oral histories, don't let the opportunity to do it pass. I can answer further questions  by e-mail or by phone (617) 275 4246 in Boston.  While the number is in Boston the phone is  Jerusalem and you can call  24 hours a day except between 4PM and 11 PM East Coast time.



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