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Michael Goldstein's Biography

Michael Goldstein, born in Canada, is a Jerusalem-based genealogist who researches, coaches and conducts workshops in Israel and North America. He specializes in helping North Americans locate and connect with their Israeli family, and has enjoyed particular success in tracing Israelis whose testimonies are found in Yad Vashem records. Michael also helps.

In addition because Michael divides his time between Israel and North America and undertakes non-Israeli related research and is able to coach clients virtually anywhere by e-mail or telephone.

Michael is a member of the Israel Genealogical Society, Jewish Genealogical Society of Montreal, Jewish Family Research Association and the Association of Professional Genealogists. Michael can work in English, Hebrew, Yiddish and French and access to translators for all languages.



Below are some testimonials received from clients.


Dear Michael,

 Once again I would like to express my thanks to you for the research that you did in finding my family. Nurit, her son, and I have spoken several times, and are regularly emailing. I've discovered that there were other siblings of Yaakov that survived as well, and they had children also.

NC Philadelphia



I thank you not only for discovering important information about my ancestors, but also for giving me the tools to explore genealogical sources on my own. You've opened an immensely fascinating world for me, and I especially appreciate your high level of patience, enthusiasm and professionalism. You have my hearty recommendation as a top researcher and coach.

 SB Jerusalem



Thank you Michael; that was wonderful detective work

MJ California


Dear M,

I was very happy to hear from Michael, that I have a relative from my fatherís side of the family. Until now I didnít know that there are other members of the family from my fatherís side. I will be happy to receive the family tree and more about my family.

 Best regards LA, Israel



Hi!  Thank you for all the information you sent me, you are terrific! 

HF Montreal



Michael, I want to thank you for getting me started. I have wanted to do this for a while but always felt intimidated. Anyway I am well into it by now.

DG New York


The personalized and patient service of Michael Goldstein made the process of compiling a Family Tree both interesting and easy.  This will serve as a beautiful and meaningful legacy to my family. 

Maxyne Finkelstein, Toronto


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