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Tracing Israeli Submitters of Pages of Testimony

Have you found Israeli Submitters of Pages of Testimony. I can help you find them and I also encourage you to see if an Israel Genealogy Society volunteer  can help you.

As a professional genealogist living in Israel, I have much experience in connecting families abroad with their Israeli relatives. I am able to locate them or their descendants, establish contact, facilitate your connecting with them, get family information and even do a video interview subtitled into English, if desired.

Each search is different, of course, but I make every effort to do as much-- or as little—as my clients require. With the launch of the Yad Vashem online data, I've approached with with numerous requests to identify and locate newly-discovered family members who submitted testimony in 1956 and 1957. On an average an individual search takes between two and six hours to carry .

If you've found a recent testimony and need only verification that the submitter's phone number is current (cell phone numbers and land line area codes have gone through a number of changes in the last 10 years, the most recent being six months ago) I will look it up for you at no charge.

If you have no submitter address or contact information I can  search for him/her or surviving family members if he/she has passed away.  This includes a full search of phone books, Ministry of Interior records, cemetery lists, and other sources. The more you know about the submitter the greater the likelihood of our success and concurrently seeking more than one submitter takes time is lessened as certain sources are searched in parallel. Before work begins we will agree on the number of hours you wish to spend on the search and I will not exceed six hours without checking back with you.

I am prepared to do as much or as little as it takes to connect you with the people who gave testimony about your family members who perished in the Holocaust.

 I can answer further questions  by e-mail or we can talk by calling (617) 275 4246 in Boston.  While the number is in Boston the phone is  Jerusalem and you can call  24 hours a day except between 4PM and 11 PM East Coast time.



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