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Each and every client has very different needs and goals. In meeting the specific requirements at hand, Jewish Genealogy Search may be called upon to carry out the entire research project. Others may hire us to work along with them on a specific portion of research. And even experienced genealogists who may have encountered a particular obstacle come to us to solve the issue.

As we are uniquely situated in Israel, we are often called upon to find, interview and record family members. We also help you learn more about the Israeli submitters of Holocaust Pages of Testimony.

In addition, our staff spends a portion of each year in North America where we carry out on-site research for clients in the US, Canada, Israel and across the globe.

Frequently asked questions are: What do you charge and what will it cost me?

We can only begin to know this when we know more about your research goals. Once we've had an initial complimentary session, we can make a professional judgment as to the scope of the work involved. Naturally, if we determine that insufficient information or sources exist, we will inform you of the inability to take on the case.

The pre-search phase begins by analyzing what you want to know as well as what information, family records, and resources are available. We then draw up a plan and provide a cost estimate.

Once we begin the research project, we utilize our extensive sources of  records from Israel, the USA, Canada, the UK and Eastern Europe. These include Ellis Island and census records, Social Security, vital records, ship registries, Yad Vashem testimonies, The Central Archives of the Jewish People, cemetery records, The Israel Interior Ministry and more.

Much of what we learn in family genealogy is from family members. Whenever possible, we are prepared to interview your family members in person or by phone or will prepare you to interview them.

Our individually-tailored research services are charged by the hour. All projects begin with a free consultation to develop a work plan and a cost estimate. The plan identifies stages at which progress will be reviewed with the client.


Family Finding

Jewish Genealogy Search has successfully  connected clients with previously unknown  branches of their families, and has re-established contact with others.

Contact Us and we will review your potential research without obligation


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